Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Making Sense of Allyship

    • Making Sense of Allyship

    • VIDEO: Making Sense of Allyship

    • SLIDES: Making Sense of Allyship

  • 2

    Activities and Exercises

    • Motivations for Allyship and Collective Action

    • The things that make us us

    • Injustices Spared Activity

    • Leveraging privilege and power in organisational systems

    • The Interesting Case of The Raging Grannies

    • Anti-Oppressive Research Paradigms

    • Allyship Scenarios

  • 3

    Additional Resources

    • Epistemic Injustice: Further Resources

    • Epistemically Safe Spaces, Relational Knowing and Decolonising Knowledge: Further Resources

    • Allyship and Types of Activism: Further Resources

    • Anti-Oppressive and Difference-Centred Research Methods: Further Resources